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My trip to Biztown! photo

My trip to Biztown!

  On March 31, 2015 I went to Biztown. I learned how to write checks, make deposits and withdrawals, how to manage my money, and most of all I learned to work hard at my job.             At Biztown you really feel like your mom or dad. You get your own binder with steps of what to do, your own checklist, desk, computer, debit card, checkbook, and other supplies.I was a designer for Signs and More and it was AWESOME!!! I had to make the signs on the computer and go all over the town giving them back to the companies. The best part of all was the money I earned and I got to go to other shops and spend it.    

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Danish students visit Kensington! photo

Danish students visit Kensington!

 Fourth Grade had students visiting from Denmark. The Denmark students came and first gave them a quiz about facts in Denmark. Then they talked about what life was like in Denmark. The fourth grade students were able to ask questions and found life there very interesting.. At the end of their visit to Kensington they showed them how to sing “heads, shoulders, knees, and toes,” in Danish. They had a great time.

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