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BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast! photo

BooHoo/Yahoo Breakfast!

Every year, the Kensington PTO hosts a "BooHoo/Yahoo" breakfast on the first full day of kindergarten. This is for our new kindergarten parents who may be a bit teary sending their child to kindergarten, and also for the parents that are jubilant to send their children to school! It is a great opportunity for kindergarten parents to network and get to our know our PTO. All of the parents were excited about this new phase and happy to be at Kensington!

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Learning About Chicks! photo

Learning About Chicks!

The life cycle of a chick begins with the egg. The embryo grows a head and a body on day 8. Then the embryo grows a beak and small wings on day 11. Then the embryo grows wings and feet on day 16. Then the chick pecks on the eggs and breaks the shell and he is out of day 21!

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